Are you an experienced reader, therapist and/or exhibitor?

Would like to join a successful event company?
Work within a committed and welcoming team throughout the Midlands area

We are always looking for experienced exhibitors to work within our existing team at various events throughout the West Midlands area.

We aim to make working with Love & Light Events an easy and pleasurable experience.

We have compiled a Frequently Asked Questions page which lists common questions we receive from exhibitors, if your question isn’t covered in this please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To read genuine testimonials from both visitors and exhibitors click here.

On the menu bar hover over Mind Body Spirit Events for a drop-down list of our forthcoming events, if you would like to enquire about availability and fees contact us for details.  We don’t provide our booking form on this site as we don’t allow too much duplication of exhibitors and the only way to control this is to liaise with each exhibitor before they book.

At our events we aim to provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for people to explore and experience a whole array of services and products, to feel at ease and chat to various professionals about how their lives can be transformed with a fresh approach and discover the benefits of these services and products for a more natural and spiritual path to wellbeing, all under one roof.

We strive to create an uplifting and positive environment so that visitors return to us time and again in the knowledge that they will be treated with respect, that they can trust the advice or service they are interested in and enjoy their day with us.

However, our role is also to provide an opportunity for you, the exhibitor, to achieve a successful event, this becomes an easier task if we all pull together and each do the best we can. Our commitment to you is to provide a pleasant environment for you to offer your goods and/or services and to promote and advertise widely using every available option to bring visitors through the door. However, with the best will in the world we cannot drag them through the door and make them talk to you!!

Promotion & Advertising

We believe that advertising is one of the major keys to a successful event therefore a lot of our budget is earmarked for advertising which includes local newspaper/radio and national magazine advertisements, Facebook ads, social media postings, 20+ web listings, poster/flyer distribution plus much more.

On this website we have a dedicated page for each event which details the venue with directions and public transport info, exhibitor listing and talks itinerary.  We also provide a dedicated page for each exhibitor who works with us which is linked to the event page they are exhibiting at.

We ask on your part to invite your clients, customers, friends, neighbours, family – everyone you can think of!!! If you can tell 50 people about the event, then between exhibitors alone, an extra 800 people will know about it and that is huge!!! We ask you to promote the event on your website and social media accounts if you have them and on any literature so as to bring the event to as many people as possible, every little bit helps.

Talks, Demonstrations & Workshops

We offer limited talk slots (30 minutes per talk) at our MBS Events, take advantage of these if you feel comfortable, they are a great opportunity to promote your services to a captive audience. Remember though, it’s not a sales pitch. Give people what they want and they’ll want more of it. Plan your talk in advance, prepare any literature you want to give out, take music etc and find out in advance where you’ll be speaking so you can walk in and go for it. It can be daunting talking to a group and you will feel more comfortable if you are fully prepared.

We can only accept payments as stated on the booking form we provide and all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable as a large portion of the fee you pay for your stand is invested in advertising for the event.


Before the Event

Plan well in advance, sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget the little things.


– Table cloth – paramount not just to hide storage but the foundation to your beautiful stand.
– Food for the day – if it’s a long one, you may need breakfast and snacks, although refreshments will be available at the venue
– Directions and/or map (included in our programme)
– Plan your stock and signage in advance and have everything priced clearly
– Prepare your float money
– Notebooks, stationery, business cards etc.
– Camera – to review for next time and to advertise on your website
– Extension Lead if required.

Your Stand is your Shop Window

Stands that are clean, well-presented and not cluttered work best. Storage containers need to be out of sight. Remember that your personal working space behind your stand needs to be organised too so that you can provide a quick and efficient service when customers are queuing 3 deep! Provide a variety of things to touch, smell, see – different levels work well if it’s possible. Clear signage and prices will invite visitors to ask questions and also allows them to be independent on your busier times.

It’s More about YOU!

Think about what you expect when you walk into a shop… a friendly, warm, inviting face – not pushy or trying to make a sale at the first contact. Of course, we’re not all natural salespeople but you can create interest simply by engaging with your visitors, offering them help or just chatting generally. Don’t read your book as they walk past!!! Look interested, stand up more than sit down, make eye contact and SMILE!

– Be fully present – not wandering around chatting to other exhibitors (although that’s good for networking in quiet moments and it helps to make friends with your neighbour for toilet breaks!)
– Be knowledgeable about your product and talk about it in terms of how it will benefit the buyer.
– Decide what you want to achieve from the event – sales, networking, new clients, awareness.
– Focus on your own stand, allow your own personality to shine through – people will buy your products and services not just because they like them but because they connect with YOU. Don’t worry what other stall holders are doing, it’s what YOU are doing that counts.
– Give out literature so people can contact you after the event.

After the Event

FOLLOW UP!!! After all your hard work, it’s mad not to follow up on any leads or requests for product. It does happen though and visitors have been known to ring organisers trying to track down exhibitors that they really wanted to buy from but that haven’t contacted them – those are the persistent ones, others just lose interest. Make the most of your time at the event – the point of it is to grow your business, which only you can do when the event is over.

Learn from the Experience

What can you improve on for next time? More or less stock? Different stock? Higher or lower prices? Better literature? Most importantly though – whatever happens, you will meet new people, gain experience and learn new things, so… ENJOY!!