BestEventlogoWelcome to Love & Light Events, we provide events throughout the Midlands area aimed to bring together like-minded people, maybe like yourself, to experience a more spiritual and holistic way of life.

Click here for our latest Inspiration & Wellbeing NewsletterOur aim is to provide a friendly, warm and inviting atmosphere for you to explore and experience the events as a whole, including a great mix of complementary therapies and healings, psychic and spiritual professionals as well as beautiful retail stands covering all aspects of the mind body and spirit.

It’s a great opportunity to chat to various professionals (with no obligation) about how your life can be transformed with a fresh approach for a more natural and spiritual path to wellbeing.

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Are you a professional therapist, practitioner, healer or holistic retailer?  Do you run holistic events or workshops/courses?  Join our new website


Are you a professional reader or spiritual/new age retailer?  Do you run psychic events or workshops/courses?  Join our new website

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